Top 5 Trading Movies

Over the past few years it seems that there’s a few more movies
available for stock market enthusiasts.
I thought I’d list some of my favourite movies on the markets here

(1) Rogue Trader
Made in the 90’s starring Ewan McGregor, its by far one of the
best movies out there. Simply because it does not glamourize trading,
so it gives good depiction what life was like for the trader Nick Leeson.
The story surrounds an ambitious young broker back in the day of pit floor trading,
his ups and downs and how he single-handedly brought down a major bank.

(2) The Big Short
Two words – “Absolutely fantastic”. One of my favourite movies of all time.
Yes some liberties were taken in the story line, but even in the movie they
poke fun of this. They don’t glamourize anything and show how tough
things can be “when your right” on the market or going against the grain.
Definitely worth the watch.

(3) Equity
A new moving having come out this year, it gets a really low rating (5.5 / 10)
I wont lie, the acting is not great. However if you look past the acting
and watch the story its actually an extremely well written script.

A good year
Ok so this movie only has about 3 minutes of actual trading in it.
Those 3 minutes are awesome, as Russell Crowe moves around in the market.
It helps you understand what happens daily between the firms and retailers.

Wall Street
As in the original wall street with Gordon Gekko preaching “Greed is good”.
The movie surrounds the story of a new ambitious trader who can “read the charts”
Gordon Gekko explains that this just isn’t good enough “I need more”.
This movie is a classic and a must watch for anyone in the market,
especially to compare between todays charting platforms that make
Charlie Sheen’s “charting” look like a cave man’s drawing.

(Don’t bother so much with the follow up – Wall street 2).

Finally a bonus one:
(6) Floored (2009)
A movie about traders working the pits at the stock exchanges
and how times have changed. Definitely worth a watch.

Movies that didnt get a mention
– The wolf of wall street
– Boiler room
The reason being, both these movies arent actually about trading,
its about scamming investors using the market.
I’ll admit though, some of the shenanigans in Wolf of Wall Street…
you know its gotta be true because no-one could make stuff like that up.

Margin call was just a waste of time, in my opinion.

Anyways hope you enjoyed the list.

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