Scary Chart: World GDP Growth

December 7, 2016

World GDP Growth A chart on GDP growth from 1965 to 2015   –  Chart includes SA, US, Australia, Europe Values from SA still need to be included but the latest data shows the Y-o-Y data was at 0.7% A far cry from the 6-10% Blue ChipHi, This is BlueChip. Having studied the market for some time I can show how not to trade on the market…its at least one step closer to…


iShares – November 2016

December 1, 2016

Hi US making new highs, Europe making lower highs. Some selling in the fixed income bracket as well, as LQD, HYG and PFF have seen falling prices. US Real estate not looking hot and IBB (Biotech), who was the leading sector is still lagging far behind. On the other side US Tech is doing quite well as a sector.   (Click on the image below to enlarge)   Blue ChipHi,…